I am standing outside Capital City Central Station, where crowds have gathered, following a night of terrorist violence which has wreaked havoc across the region.

It was in this same station it all started a few days ago, when the first attack took place. Here, today, this is where everything could finally end, in blood and tears.

Indeed, hundreds of people are still trapped in a train launched at full speed, doomed to crash against the platform within the next few minutes. The authorities are trying to contain the families of the hostages, which are asking law enforcement to react in order to prevent the incoming massacre.

Uh… sir, I'm not sure if you are aware, but… a train is going to crash here soon.

Yes, I am aware. It's the reason I'm here. I'm waiting for it.

Oh… uh… okay, sir.

What should we do, Sergeant?

Uh...nothing, I suppose...Well, what can we do?

He does whatever he wants, he is the President.

Energy...Since the beginning of time, it nurtured the dreams, hopes and fears of human beings... It made the building of empires possible, and helped shape worlds, its creative power matched only by its destructive power...Thus, in the 21st century, the technological miracle of the modern world had created the greatest threat that humanity ever had to face.

Natural disasters, displacement of populations, economic and political crises...Faced with the consequences of climate change, humanity lined up behind a Cooperative World Government, responsible for coordinating the measures necessary to avoid the total collapse of our societies.

After decades of effort and in the dawn of cleaner, more powerful energies, the world is now on the mend. Artificial intelligence and robots are omnipresent, allowing better regulation of production and consumption at a global level.

However, a new source of energy sparking interest could upset this balance...An omnipresent mysterious flow that runs through the cosmos, crosses matter and shapes space-time. Dark energy...Available in unlimited quantities, its use could pave the way for a progress free of limits. Although it would be the key to making all of humanity's dreams come true, the price to pay for such power is still unknown...

What's worse? Being mad in a sane society, or to be sane in a society that went mad?

Humans, machines...All slaves programmed to perform repetitive tasks...They call it progress, but what I see is a world making the same mistakes over and over again...

Human beings are meant to live in nature. We have to follow its pace, take time to look around, to breathe... By reconnecting with other forms of life, we can often find solutions to our own problems.

Take a look at this flower, for example...It grows in one of the world's driest desert, an area which has become uninhabitable for humans. Even after years of drought, it always grows back eventually...

Take this as proof that no matter how hard it gets, even in the worst places, the worst times, life and beauty can still exist... Here, it's for you.

Poor little one... You see ? It's not that resilient after all. Why worship such a weak thing, unable to even defend itself?

Do you think you understand something about the universe by idolizing such primitive life forms? Look up, take a look at the cosmos! In the eternal night live the gods whose power surpasses anything you can imagine... And they chose me, through the voice of the Master, to accomplish their will!

I saw real power! I saw what it costs to oppose gods! You and your corrupt society are all doomed!

But I will be saved...My soul will join the Flow and I will sit among the Chosen Ones, for eternity!

The end is near. Accept the Way, or be damned...

Glory to Eternal Night! Glory to Umbro!

Hello! Police? I... I am being followed by several individuals. I am carrying a very valuable item... If you don't help, they'll kill me!

Your demand has been received. I will now put you in touch with the appropriate service. Stay on the line, a holographic call will be sent to you within seconds.

Hello, Professor Rosenberg.

Who...who are you?

Oh, dear Professor, don't you remember me? What a disappointment... After all these years working on this project together... after everything I've taught you... Don't be stupid, give me the suitcase and I'll try to forget that you tried to take over my own work.

What...what? You??? But I thought you were...

Dead? Haha! Death is no longer the end, the One I serve beholds a power extending beyond life and death... Why not experience it for yourself? I'm giving you a chance to join us. Swear absolute obedience and loyalty to me, help me finish my research and I will spare your miserable life.

You're the one who killed the others, right? I can't trust you, you've lost your mind! You are playing with forces you cannot control!

You are right, I do not control them. They are the ones who control me...They are the ones who opened my eyes and showed me the Way ...

With your help, we have opened these doors and it is now too late to close them. If you don't have the courage to continue, get out of my way. Leave room for those who are worthy!


I...I can't...It's too dangerous, I cannot let this research go on...

Your stubbornness will bring you to ruins, Professor, but let me enlighten you. Maybe this will make you change your mind ...

Prepare to discover the Way...

I beg you one last time, come to your senses! The world is not ready!

Why would I listen to you? You don't deserve this knowledge...even after all these years, you are not able to grasp its true meaning. I regret having put any hope in you at all...What could be more pathetic than a student who never managed to surpass its teacher? Goodbye, Professor.

Aargh !

Glory to Eternal Night! Glory to Umbro!

...Regarding the explosion that reverberated last night in the central station of Capital City, initial numbers report several dead and dozens of injured. So far, the clues point to the Order Night Eternal, or ONE, a sect recently classified as a terrorist organization by the World Government, as responsible for the events.

Umbro, its mysterious leader, let it be known that he would never bow to the law of mortals, for he serves more powerful masters... The individual, whose real identity remains unknown, is actively sought after by the International Police. He appears in several videos on the Network, in which he promises immortality to those who agree to follow the Way.

The President of the World Government, whose position is already weakened by the economic slowdown, has not yet spoken. Under fire from critics for not having taken concrete measures against the terrorist threat, the President is the subject of numerous calls for resignation. A press conference should be held soon...

Let him resign then, that useless one, and our problems will be solved!

I might turn you in, old witch, if you don't let me out! The police will come to your lab and MY problems will be solved!

I'll let you out when you promise not to bother your siblings anymore, Saturn!

I am a computer virus, I need a program to infect, what else can I do? It's not my fault! You cannot hold me against my will, it is a gross violation of human rights!

And since when are you human, huh? Humans have rights, not algorithms, as far as I know!

And you, what are you? You creak like a rusty door and have as many bolts in your face as a gas engine! You, human? With what you consume, you are closer to an ethanol battery than to homo sapiens!

As for you, Mars, do not stand there without saying anything! You could at least be on my side!

When the troublemaker sows discord, the wise man of his height listens, but without the use of a sword.

What is he talking about? Why does he always talk like a fortune cookie? Hey, dumbfuck, you're a war machine, not a poet!

Oooooh! Now, that's enough! I'll reprogram you once and for all to teach you politeness!

Stop it!

M...Master Umbro!

This laboratory is a pig's den. How can you work in such a mess, Mây?

It's that ... I usually do the cleaning on Sundays. And as you probably know, it's Saturday, so it's only fitting that...

Doesn't matter! I don't want to hear your apologies, that's not why I'm here...

What do a priest and a scientist have in common, Mây?

I...I don't know, Master...Age?

Both claim to want to unravel the mysteries of the universe. They obsess over the same big questions, but deep down, neither would be willing to hear the real answers. Like dogs running after cars, they would be lost were they ever to actually catch one! This is how they are similar.

But I'm not a dog, am I, Mây?

Oh no, Master. You are the Chosen One. You have been chosen by the gods to guide us to them!

Exactly! Since the beginning of time, humanity has looked up to the skies in search of answers. Its eyes have been riveted on the stars, looking through them, for some, in search of a symbol of divine power, and for others, in the mere hope of a better world.

But they were far from suspecting that the real power does not reside in these tiny luminous points, but in the void that surrounds them... Life, death, time, space...It is in the eternal and infinite night that the answer to all questions can be found. A unique and perfect answer.

It is in the dark, that all the pieces of the puzzle come together...

Gone are the days of uncertainty and lies. It is time to reveal the Truth to the world.

After all these years of research, the last fragment is within our grasp. The last piece of the puzzle...


Then you'll be free, Lord...

The last fragment will be the most difficult to obtain. In this battle, we cannot afford the slightest mistake or the slightest slack. I will not tolerate failing so close to the goal, I hope I am making myself understood.

Y... yes, Master...

Good. Go back to work now. And stop your childishness!

Humanity facing its destiny, in the palm of the divine hand. The Master's guidance I see, dumb disciples following command.

Oh, forture cookie, shut up eh!